Reading Tutoring
Multi-sensory, individualized one-to-one or group reading tutoring using the
Wilson Reading System
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Student Evaluations Student Evaluations, Written Reports, and Presentations for Placement, Annual Review and/or Triennial Evaluation Meetings

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Speech and Language Therapy
Improvement of the student's ability to use language and its conventions when listening, speaking or reading.

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Barbara Barry, M.S.,C.C.C.-SLP Speech & Language Pathologist

Barbara taught in the New York State public school system and has been in private practice since 2002, providing multisensory structured language teaching including Reading Tutoring and Pronunciation of American English. read more


"Dear Miss Barry, Thank you so much. You have done a lot with me. You have improved my reading and spelling. I am so thankful. You have changed my life. I will always remember you and everything you did for me. "

  — From a former student following completion of Wilson Reading System program

"Barbara's positive interaction with Brandon has allowed for Brandon to become a confident reader and writer. He reads fluently and with enthusiasm since working with Barbara Barry. Thank you Barbara."

  — From Brandon's parents

" Anna was comfortable with Barbara immediately. Even though she is not fond of school, she looks forward to her lessons with Barbara. After only a few sessions, Anna showed noticeable improvement. "

  — From Anna's parents

" We highly recommend Barbara's tutorial services! Barbara has worked with our son for three years and we've seen him make great progress. Barbara combines a high level of expertise with thoughtful, personalized attention.
She has exceeded all of our expectations! "

  — Bill M.

All that Mankind has done, thought, gained or been -- it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books.
  --Thomas Carlyle

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket
  --Chinese proverb

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